Docs versioning

How this docs are versioned

Criteria for releasing a new version

As Domapic is a system conformed by many packages that are versioned independently, this documentation will be versioned independently too.

  • Any new version of the Domapic packages implying a change in the documentation will have an impact in this documents version.
  • Bugfixes to the documentation itself, when not implying a change in the apis descriptions will be fixed in the same documentation version, without releasing a new one.

Major, minor, bugfix

In order to keep some paralelism with the packages versions, any bugfix in any of the packages will imply a new bugfix in this document version only when it implies a change in the described apis. The same logic will be applied when releasing a minor version of any of the packages. About major versions, we will try to release a new major version of this documents only when all packages are upgraded to a new major version.

Related packages

Versions covered by this documentation version

This documentation collects apis descriptions and examples of code valid from next packages versions ranges:

The link in the website header will always point to the latest released version of this documentation.

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