Why Domapic?


Each accessory provides a simple REST API interface based on the EVENT-STATE-ACTION concept.

Home Controller

The Domapic Controller package provides a web interface for controlling and making interact automatically all your accessories.

Cloud controlled

Remote web access to your Domapic Controller through the Domapic Cloud online app simply installing a plugin. Mobile application is in roadmap.


Easy to install, easy for users and easy for developers. Developing your first accessory or plugin cost few lines of code.


Easily extensible through REST based plugins. Install npm available plugins or develop your own.


Available plugin for controlling your accessories using Apple's Homekit. Plugins for Amazon's Alexa, Google Home and Slack are in roadmap.

Domapic Cloud App

Connect your Controller to the Cloud App using the cloud-domapic-plugin.

  • Remote access for all your Controller users.
  • Google Oauth authentication.
  • Dynamic IP address supported.
  • Email notifications sent automatically to new Controller users.
  • Privacity granted. Only Controller current IP address and users emails are stored. (Emails are used only for security and connection purposes.)
  • Mobile app will be available soon. (Check the roadmap)

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